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Policy Features

Comprehensive Coverage You Can Count On

We’ve got you covered.

Why Choose the Orange Door Storage Insurance Program?

Primary Coverage

This insurance is primary over any other valid and collectible insurance you may have.


Benefit from competitively priced coverage – our policy is only $15 a month and has a low, $100-per-claim deductible.

Convenient Enrollment & Cancellation

Streamlined sign-ups and easy cancellations make managing your coverage simple.

Immediate Coverage

When you choose the Orange Door Storage Insurance Program, your coverage begins immediately after the completion of your insurance addendum and moving into your space. Coverage automatically cancels at move-out.

Seamless Claims Process

It is unfortunate to have a loss occur, but if it does, your claim will be handled professionally, with speed and sensitivity.

What’s Covered*

Our policy can give you peace of mind when faced with a range of perils regarding your property stored outside of your home or business.

Water / Flood

This policy provides coverage for loss or damage caused by water or flooding.

Fire / Smoke

This policy provides coverage for loss or damage caused by fire or smoke.

Additional Perils

Additional perils covered by this policy include hail, lightning, windstorm and vandalism.


Burglary is covered if it is a result of forced entry into a properly locked storage space.


Limited coverage is provided for damage caused by vermin to covered property while in storage at this facility.


On qualifying property, get coverage for damage caused by fungus.
No sublimit for fungus in NY.


This policy provides limited coverage for losses while your property is in transit.

Business Property

The Orange Door Storage Insurance Program covers your stored business property.

What’s Not Covered*

Most household items are covered when kept in a properly locked storage space. However, there are a few items that are not covered by this policy, such as:

  • Jewelry and watches
  • Money
  • Deeds
  • Fur or garments trimmed with fur 
  • Valuable papers and records
  • Photographs 
  • Property stored outside in an outdoor parking stall 

Some of the specific perils not covered include earthquakes and atmospheric conditions.

Need to report a claim?

With Orange Door Storage Insurance, filing a claim isn’t complicated.

Have questions?

Whether you aren’t sure if you have enough coverage or need more details about our policy, we’ve got answers!

*This is meant to serve as a general description only and does not include all relevant terms and conditions. For more details on the coverage, exclusions and requirements of the policy, please refer to your copy of the certificate of insurance. View these forms and documents.