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Policy Information

Great Coverage at an Affordable Price

The Orange Door Storage Insurance Program has the right solution to fit your needs.

Affordable Coverage

This policy is priced at a competitive monthly rate.

Broad Coverage

Safeguard your stored belongings against a range of losses and damage.

Low Deductible

This policy has a $100-per-claim deductible, which is much less than typical renters’ or homeowners’ policies.

Immediate Coverage

Coverage begins immediately upon application completion and moving into your storage space.

Cancel Anytime

Cancel your coverage anytime either online or at the facility where you store your goods. Coverage automatically cancels at the time of move-out. Additional information can be found on the “How To Cancel” page.

Specialized Insurance Against Loss and Damage

The Orange Door Storage Insurance Program was created specifically to cover property stored outside of your home or business. It’s a convenient, broad and affordable policy.

It’s a good policy to get insurance.

While insurance is required by your rental agreement, we understand your belongings are also important to you.

The right insurance policy can give you peace of mind in the event of a loss.

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