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Filing a claim?
Report it in one of two convenient ways.
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Filing a claim?
Report it in one of two convenient ways.
Report a Claim

Filing a Claim?

It is unfortunate to have a loss occur, but if it does, your Claim will be handled professionally, with speed and sensitivity by Sedgwick Claims Management Services.

  • Notify the manager. Let the storage facility manager know when a loss is discovered.
  • Contact the police. If the loss is due to Burglary or Vandalism, you must file a police report. This is necessary even if your storage facility filed a report on behalf of the storage facility.
  • Protect your property from further loss.
  • Do not discard damaged goods. Wait until a claims examiner has contacted you and advised that these may be discarded. If this is not possible, take a photograph of the item(s) before discarding them.
  • Report Your Claim in one of two convenient ways
    • Call the Orange Door Hotline toll-free at (877) 878-6730 and select Option 1 to report a Claim. One of our customer service representatives will take your Claim information and offer assistance, or
    • To report a Claim electronically, click on the link below to access the MySedgwick New Claim reporting site.
    • It is helpful, when reporting your Claim by either method, to have the following information available:
      • Your personal contact information
      • Incident location information
      • Police report case number (if applicable)
      • Description of the loss
      • A list of property damaged in the incident
    • Once a Claim is received, you will be contacted within one to two business days by a claims examiner.
    • Proof of loss requirements

      Before recovering from any loss, you must provide us with all pertinent records needed to prove the loss; and if requested, send us a sworn statement of loss within 60 days of our request. Claim payments are based on actual cash value of the property being claimed.


      When you purchase insurance from the Orange Door Storage Insurance Program, in the case of a claim, you are responsible for the first $100 of any loss. This is your deductible. The insurance company will compensate you based upon the terms and conditions, for any amount above this $100 deductible. You will not be requested to make any payment to the Claims Administrator.

      For additional information about the claims process please refer to this downloadable document:
      What is the Process if I have a Claim?
      What is the Process if I have a Claim? (Massachusetts Only)

Your storage facility is not responsible for your property. The purchase of this insurance is not required to complete your rental transaction. The storage facility and its employees are not qualified nor authorized to evaluate the adequacy of any insurance you may have. This insurance policy may provide a duplication of coverage already provided by your homeowners’ insurance policy or by another source of coverage. This insurance is provided under a Master policy issued to Public Storage by an insurer authorized to write this insurance in the state. Coverage is underwritten by Starr Indemnity & Liability Company – A Member of Starr Insurance Companies. A wholly owned subsidiary of Public Storage reinsures the risk for the Orange Door Storage Insurance Program, and Public Storage may benefit financially from your insurance purchase. Questions regarding this program should be directed to the Program Administrator, PSCC, Inc. in California DBA: PSCC Insurance Services (CA Insurance License #0E14626) (Principle Place of Business Glendale, CA) at (877) 878-6730. See License Information. PSCC, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Public Storage. PSCC, Inc. is the Authorized Producer for the Orange Door Storage Insurance Program and administers the program for Starr Indemnity & Liability Company. PSCC, Inc. is paid a flat fee for administering the program. Certain products and services may be provided by independent third parties. Insurance products may be distributed through affiliated or unaffiliated entities. You can review the Starr Indemnity & Liability Company’s privacy policy by visiting: